Napa Valley grapes and vineyard

I lived in San Francisco for five years and while I was there I drove over to Napa Valley hundreds of times. It was such a great trip every time.  Usually it was with people who were visiting from out of town, but other times it was just to have fun. Napa Valley is such a beautiful area and it is one of the most popular tourist areas of the world. You can drive around and go from one winery to another for wine tasting.


One of the fun things to do in Karachi, Pakistan is to go camel riding on the beach. It might surprise you to know that the camel gets up by it's hind legs first and then it's front legs. So, if you are not ready for this, you feel as though you could fall off head first. After the camel is up it is fun to trott along the edge of the water (with a guide of course). Camels are beautiful animals but sometimes they spit. So... it's good to always make sure you are standing on the side of the animal rather than in front. This picture was taken in the winter of 1979.