San Jose mission in San Antonio, TX

There is so much history right in the middle of Texas.  This church is situated among the beautiful and scenic ruins of the San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo mission in San Antonio.  There are many missions there, but if you only had time to visit one of them, this would be it.  The calm and peaceful grounds are surrounded by a wall and the whole place stretches out along San Antonio's mission trail.  Also known as the Queen of missions, if you are in San Antonio and want to enjoy some of its history, don't miss this outstanding Spanish colonial mission.


Reflections on water at Botanical Garden in San Antonio

Trees at the San Antonio Botanical Garden's

At the San Antonio Botanical Gardens there is a wide range of plants spread out over a 33 acre area.  In this photo you can see some of the trees there with the fall colored foliage stamping it's beauty alongside the lake.  

Throughout the gardens there are three well manicured loops for people to walk along and each one shows off a different part of Texas.  There is Hill Country, East Piney Woods and South West Texas.  Visitors can stroll through all three, as well as enjoy the wonderful butterfly garden on the way in and out.


Texas Beauty

I have come to really like the desert and its plants.  This Agave is typical of many others that grow just like it everywhere in the wild.  They sit seemingly unnoticed, but yet they spread their beauty out with such majestic growth.


Resting butterfly

In Marathon, Texas butterflies, such as this one, can be seen in the fall spreading their wings and showing off their beauty!


Hill country, TX

When the bluebonnets are in full bloom, driving through the hills outside Brady and Fredericksburg, TX is so beautiful!!