West Texas Freeze

We had an ice storm in the desert that lasted for over three days and in November no less. Everything was frozen over!! Here is a little plant that was not spared!


Wedding Shoes

Oh the places you'll go...
You're off to great places.
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So... get on your way!


Image of full moon July 23, 2013

This July 2013 Thunder or Buck Super Moon as it is called was in Aquarius.  It was 12% larger and 26% brighter than a normal Full Moon and the last one this big until next August 2014. I took this picture with a 500 mm lens set up on a tripod. The bright light dominated the desert sky and it was so beautiful. 


Horned Toad

Out in the West Texas desert live these interesting looking creatures called Horned Frogs.  They don't bite and are very well liked by most people who live here because they eat bugs.  They are spiky and have a protective mechanism where they inflate themselves to twice their original size to look bigger and more offensive. They are preyed upon by hawks, roadrunners, snakes, lizards, dogs, wolves and coyotes.  Some also shoot blood from their eyes.  This blood travels a distance of up to three feet and confuses would be predators.  It also contains a chemical which is noxious to dogs, wolves and coyotes. So, although they don't bite, you might want to refrain from picking one up lest it tries to "confuse" you!


Poppies in Hill Country, TX.

Poppies can be seen plentifully this time of the year in Hill Country, TX.


Wild Seed Farm in Fredericksburg, TX.

Poteet, TX Strawberry Festival 2013

The Strawberry Festival draws over 100,000 visitors every year to the tiny town of Poteet, TX. This event has been held for nearly 60 years and it attracts nationally-known country music stars and Tejano entertainers. It also has a carnival, art show, rodeo, dances, and a "Taste of Texas" food show.