Ron White and Alex Reymundo

Hanging out with stand-up comedians Ron White and Alex Reymundo.  Two great guys that I was lucky to meet while out promoting their Juan Tequilla!


Grand Central Station Market in New York City

Grand Central Station Market is located at the Grand Central Train Station in New York City. These spices are at only one of the booths among so many wonderful ones. It's a great place for food lovers and a no miss for anyone visiting the Big Apple. If I lived there, I would peruse through the aisles on a regular basis. The butcher shops, fresh vegetables, cheese and spices are just awesome and the French saucisson sec is to die for!


Prickly Pear flowers in full bloom - Desert life

Spring time is beautiful in the heart of the West Texas desert. All the cactus plants in full bloom!



West Texas sandstorm.

By day and by night the wind will blow in this arid vastness we call the West Texas desert. Sandstorms come and sandstorms go without any sense of pity or care for that which may lay in it's way!